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Walkers Marine Mammals of the World

From the giant bottle-nosed whale and the West Indian manatee to the crabeater seal and hourglass dolphin, from the pygmy sperm whale to the spotted-necked otter, marine mammals are among the most fascinating-and most watched-of the earths many animal species. Some, such as dolphins, are known for their intelligence, friendliness toward humans, and surprisingly sophisticated social behavior. In addition, all these animais are sources of fascination because of their special adaptations to life in and around the water, their unique methods of communication (whale song), and the endangered status of many species. Now Ronald M Nowak offers a comprehensive guide to this fascinating and varied order of mammals. Walkers Marine Mammals of the World includes scientific and common names, the number and distribution of species, measurements and physical traits, habitat, daily and seasonal activity, population dynamics, home range, social life, reproduction, longevity, and status of threatened species.



ISBN 9780801873430
AUTEUR Ronald-M Nowak
FICHIER Walkers Marine Mammals of the World.pdf
DATE 05/05/2020

Ernest P. Walker (1891-1969) began work on Mammals of the World in the early 1930s, when he became assistant director of the National Zoo in Washington. His work reflected an unequaled store of knowledge about the world's mammals. Ronald M. Nowak is the author of the fifth and sixth editions of Walker's Mammals of the World. His other works on The Status of the World's Land and Marine …