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The Collaborative Enterprise

Competitive economics produces an enormous abundance of goods and services but at an intolerable environmental and social cost. Competition has become an end in itself, which leads to detrimental effects on nature, society and future generations. A change of paradigm is needed. Business should respect the ecological and social limits in which it operates and embed its activities in the natural and social systems. This book promotes a collaborative attitude of doing business based on a positive view of the self and others. Theoretical contributions, reflections, cases, examples, and initiatives collected in the book show that a collaborative enterprise is not only possible but also a feasible and desirable alternative to the current, self-defeating, managerial models. Innovative firms seeking to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with all of their stakeholders while producing values for their business ecosystems represent well-grounded hopes for a really sustainable future.



ISBN 9783034301596
AUTEUR Antonio Tencati
FICHIER The Collaborative Enterprise.pdf
DATE 06/02/2020

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