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High Temperature Gas Dynamics

High Temperature Gas Dynamics is a class-tested primer for students, scientists and engineers who would like to have a basic understanding of the physics and the behaviour of high temperature gases. It will be a valuable tool for astrophysics as well. The first chapters treat the basic principles of quantum and of statistical mechanics and how to derive thermophysical properties from them. Special topics rarely found in other textbooks are the thermophysical and transport properties of multi-temperature gases and a novel method to compote radiative transfer. Further collision processes between different particles are discussed. Separate chapters deal with the production of high temperature gases and with electrical emission in plasmas, as well as related diagnostic techniques.



ISBN 9783540408857
AUTEUR Tarit K. Bose
FICHIER High Temperature Gas Dynamics.pdf
DATE 01/05/2020

Gas dynamics Assumptions { particle mean free paths ˝ size of the region ! volume elements with average velocity u, density ˆ, pressure P, temperature T ! hydrodynamics equations: conservation of mass, momentum and energy { local equilibrium ! Maxwell distribution for particle velocities within a volume element { plane parallel ow geometry (1D) ! volume element dV is a cuboid with length dx