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Global Trends in Public Sector Reform

Have the underlying ideas behind New Public Management (NPM) been forgotten? This book investigates whether this idea is reflected in the real world of public administration or if it is mere wishful thinking. The investigations in this volume comprise studies of not only European countries, but also major Asian, African and Latin-American countries, that is, countries of which much less is known regarding the developments in Public Administration reform. It provides the reader with a remarkable overview of what is actually happening in countries all over the world. More importantly, the chapters provide ample information which is indicative for an answer to the question raised above: What has remained of NPM and what is the role of NPM tools in public administration today?



ISBN 9782802739852
AUTEUR Michiel S. De Vries
FICHIER Global Trends in Public Sector Reform.pdf
DATE 02/05/2020

2 Aug 2014 ... Dion Curry writes on the views of citizens and public sector executives on trends within public administration over the last five years. He notes ... 16 Jan 2019 ... Governments are keen to encourage innovation in the infrastructure sector and ensure public and private services are properly managed.