Programming SQL Server 2000 with XML. 2nd edition.pdf

Programming SQL Server 2000 with XML. 2nd edition

Learn how to turn business data into powerfully integrated solutions with XML and SQL Server - including the latest details about SOAP-based Web services and.NET client development. The rich XML support in SQL Server 2000 makes it easy to map relational data to XML. Discover how to use SQL Server and XML to move your critical business processes to the Web with the expanded second edition of this popular title for solution developers. Youll learn how to retrieve XML data from a database, insert XML data into the database, and manipulate it in extensible database solutions, using familiar standards such as XPath, XSD schemas, XSL Transformation, HTTP, and OLE DB, plus newer tools. Youll also find also up-to-date coverage of the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), the Microsoft.NET Framework, SQLXML 3.0, XML Web services, updategrams, client-side XML processing, and other vital topics.



ISBN 9780735617742
AUTEUR Graeme Malcolm
FICHIER Programming SQL Server 2000 with XML. 2nd edition.pdf
DATE 04/04/2020

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